Most of my time I dedicate to making high quality concrete5 add-ons. I also try to be involved in the concrete5 community and try to contribute to open source projects. Blog posts about concrete5 will be posted here regularly. In case you have suggestions, let me know via info@a3020.com.

Splitting concrete5 content into multiple pages
September 18, 2018
Sometimes you have a whole lot of content that you want to break into multiple pages, but you don't want to actually create those pages. For exactly that purpose I created the Page Splitter, a block to indicate the end of a page section and that can transform into a pagination. Read more
How to modify the concrete5 core with Composer patches
September 12, 2018
Sometimes you want to change something in concrete5, but it can't be done easily via a package or with some custom code. What can we do in such a case? Well, of course we don't want to modify the core concrete5 files. Unless...? Read more
Building a Chrome extension for Centry
September 10, 2018
Centry allows you to connect websites with a centralized portal. It'd be handy to have access to those domains from within the browser. So this weekend I decided to create an extension for Chrome. Read more

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