Most of my time I dedicate to making high quality concrete5 add-ons. I also try to be involved in the concrete5 community and try to contribute to open source projects. Blog posts about concrete5 will be posted here regularly. In case you have suggestions, let me know via info@a3020.com.

Convert to a Composer based concrete5 installation
October 4, 2018
If you're using a normal concrete5 installation and you want to convert it to a Composer based installation, here's what you should do. Read more
Imperfect people, imperfect software
September 28, 2018
Other than Kanye West there's not many people who say they're perfect... ;) Imperfection is kind of built-in. We tend to make mistakes all the time, no matter the intention. We forget things, say something wrong, don't pay attention, spill some coffee... human error. And let's face it, with software development it's no different. Read more
Using migrations in concrete5 packages
September 24, 2018
The core uses migrations, but why wouldn't we want to use migrations in packages? Migrations can be used to e.g. install a block, set permissions, run some queries, install a page, etc. They might be a good alternative to your install/upgrade routines. Read more

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