Automatically compresses HTML output in concrete5.


By reducing the size of the HTML, web pages can load faster. Isn't that what everybody wants?!
Some of the benefits of using :



To run Minify HTML you need:


"Works As Expected!"

Great little add-on, works out of the box exactly as expected. This should really be incorporated as a standard part of c5, thank you very much for the author who has taken it upon himself to fill the void in the mean time :-)

Psyren on 7/5/17, 1:33 AM
"It does what it says"

It does what it says

Lota on 2/20/17, 1:35 PM
"Great Add for Improving Pagespeed Insights"

Google Pagespeed Insights is a very imporant metric in measuring the speed of your site.
Minify HTML helps gain a higher Pagespeed score which is great for SEO and for user experience and satisfaction.
Here are before and after scores for a website we used the add on with:
Mob 69 | Desktop 83
Mob 72 | Desktop 87

Madesimplemedia on 10/20/16, 7:18 AM
"Works like a charm - a must-have if you want to speed up a site"

This little Add-On does exactly what it says it does and it works very well. No problems with setup, no errors in display and some additional speedpoints for SEQ and Userlove.
Thank you!
How about CSS and JS combiner/minifier :-)

Cahueya on 10/17/17, 8:23 PM
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