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Tesla and climate change
May 19, 2019
One of the companies I read about a lot is Tesla. It's amazing how they've revolutionized the car making industry by making electrical vehicles (EVs). Tesla understands that climate change is an urgent problem and that the world needs to take action. Read more
More privacy regulation, please!
February 12, 2019
I think privacy matters and that we should fight for it. Read more
How to update a Composer based concrete5 website
November 20, 2018
In this post I describe the steps I take to update a Composer based concrete5 installation. Read more
The ultimate guide to a fast concrete5 website
October 29, 2018
An overview of practical performance tips to speed up your concrete5 website. Read more
Basic analysis and debugging with Chrome DevTools
October 29, 2018
A very basic understanding of Chrome DevTools will already help you to resolve issues quicker. Read more
Convert to a Composer based concrete5 installation
October 4, 2018
If you're using a normal concrete5 installation and you want to convert it to a Composer based installation, here's what you should do. Read more
Imperfect people, imperfect software
September 28, 2018
Other than Kanye West there's not many people who say they're perfect... ;) Imperfection is kind of built-in. We tend to make mistakes all the time, no matter the intention. We forget things, say something wrong, don't pay attention, spill some coffee... human error. And let's face it, with software development it's no different. Read more
Using migrations in concrete5 packages
September 24, 2018
The core uses migrations, but why wouldn't we want to use migrations in packages? Migrations can be used to e.g. install a block, set permissions, run some queries, install a page, etc. They might be a good alternative to your install/upgrade routines. Read more
Splitting concrete5 content into multiple pages
September 18, 2018
Sometimes you have a whole lot of content that you want to break into multiple pages, but you don't want to actually create those pages. For exactly that purpose I created the Page Splitter, a block to indicate the end of a page section and that can transform into a pagination. Read more
How to modify the concrete5 core with Composer patches
September 12, 2018
Sometimes you want to change something in concrete5, but it can't be done easily via a package or with some custom code. What can we do in such a case? Well, of course we don't want to modify the core concrete5 files. Unless...? Read more
Building a Chrome extension for Centry
September 10, 2018
Centry allows you to connect websites with a centralized portal. It'd be handy to have access to those domains from within the browser. So this weekend I decided to create an extension for Chrome. Read more
How to fight spam in concrete5
September 6, 2018
Dealing with spam can be very annoying and time consuming. In this post I try to outline a few solutions for concrete5 users. Read more
New add-ons to collect user feedback
August 15, 2018
Let your website visitors leave feedback in order to improve your business and website. Read more
The hassle with Page Types and Composer
July 26, 2018
If you've set up dozens of websites, you're probably familiar with the hassle of setting up page types via Composer. Is there a better way? Read more
What's with the WordPress bashing?
June 18, 2018
I see a lot of WordPress bashing on Slack and in the (concrete5) forums. I know the code of the WordPress core is a bit dated, but how is the overall experience? And, even if the core is dated, would that mean WordPress is bad and evil? I'm going on a journey. :) Read more
GDPR and concrete5 form submissions
June 11, 2018
How do you make sure that no unnecessary user data is saved to the database? Read more
Why GDPR matters when building concrete5 websites
May 29, 2018
What has the new EU General Data Protection Regulation to do with concrete5 websites? Read more
Scan concrete5 websites for errors
February 16, 2018
Instead of manually checking each and every page of all your websites, can be a challenging (read: impossible) job. As developers we want to automate as many things as possible. It will make the process faster and will reduce human error. Read more
How Centry saves you time
January 22, 2018
You can automate things with Centry to save you lots of time. Read more
Fake data in concrete5
November 7, 2017
An open-source add-on for concrete5 to create fake data. A very useful (and time saving!) package for testing purposes. Read more
Image optimization in concrete5
October 16, 2017
Image optimization should be automated. In this blog I explain how images can be (automatically) optimized in concrete5. Read more