GDPR and concrete5 form submissions

How do you make sure that no unnecessary user data is saved to the database?

In concrete5 all form submissions are stored automatically to the database. It doesn't matter whether it's a legacy form or an express form. There is currently (version 8.4.0) no way to prevent saving of form submissions, or auto deleting them.

Don't store user data without consent or purpose

The problem is that lots of personal data may be stored along with the form submissions. It's probably not needed to store all this data. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) dictates that user data shouldn't be stored if it isn't needed.

GDPR add-on

Just install the concrete5 GDPR add-on. It can automatically remove legacy form or express form submissions. You can even configure that the add-on deletes the form submissions after x-days.

Do you have special need? I'd like to hear your suggestions and feedback!