How Centry saves you time

You can automate things with Centry to save you lots of time.

Centry is a tool for agencies that develop websites. It can save you a lot of time, as it is built to handle hundreds of websites.

Some examples of how Centry can save you time:

  • It sends you an email if a website can't be reached. Don't wait for a customer to call you that their websites doesn't work anymore!
  • It can report if a certain page of one of your websites doesn't work anymore.
  • It can automatically scan all your current, and future websites for certain checks. E.g. whether all pages work. But it can also scan for security flaws. For example, we've seen companies that had their .git/index files publicly accessible!
  • It can automatically scan if all the links on your pages still work.
  • It can automatically scan if large images are used on the page. Who wants to download 5MB images from a slideshow?!
  • It allows you to quickly see which of your websites run a certain concrete5 version. Or a certain package.
  • It allows you to quickly export all of your website to a .csv file.
  • It can monitor the logs from all (!) your websites in one spot.
  • It can warm the cache of all your websites / pages by requesting each of them e.g. daily. This functionality makes the Cache Warmer plugin superfluous. It could save you, your client(s), and all the visitors time!