New add-ons to collect user feedback

Let your website visitors leave feedback in order to improve your business and website.

Two new add-ons have been released to collect feedback from visitors. Why is feedback important? Well, visitors may have spotted a dead link, a typo, misinformation, etc. Wouldn't it be nice if visitors can leave a note so that you get notified of issues?

Forms with Mopinion is an add-on that integrates with Mopinion, a paid third-party company that focuses on collecting user feedback. It has a great interface and lots of customization options. Their support desk is also very good. I recommend this add-on to enterprise websites.

Page Feedback works stand-alone, but tries to mimic most of the functionality of Mopinion. A feedback form is triggered via a 'Feedback?' button that floats on the page. The form is loaded via AJAX, works with full page caching enabled, and has anti-spam measurements built-in. It's also GDPR compliant!

Both add-ons are really great solutions for basically all websites that care about user feedback.