The hassle with Page Types and Composer

If you've set up dozens of websites, you're probably familiar with the hassle of setting up page types via Composer. Is there a better way?

Composer is great for end-users. It lets them add pages fast and easy. But you probably agree with me it's a pain to set up (for the 100th time!). You need to create a page type, create a composer set, add attributes one by one, set up default blocks, create and connect custom attributes. Test the whole workflow... It drives one crazy. Shouldn't we be spending our time actually making cool stuff instead of doing the same thing over and over?

This was reason for me to built two new add-ons that do most of the heavy lifting. Blog Module and News Module come with a wizard that allow customization of which blocks need to be installed by default and in which area. They automatically use the settings that make most sense.

Result? Well, you install an add-on and with a single click you have a blog system installed. Including attributes, page types, default blocks, default block settings, a feed, multilingual support, etc. It works great, and I highly recommend you to take a look!

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