Auto Page Cache Clearer (free)

Are you using Full Page Caching? Ever had the problem that the content shown in e.g. Page Lists is outdated? Then you may be interested in this add-on. It automatically clears the cache for certain pages, e.g. if a change in another page has taken place. For example, if you update the description of a sub pages, you may want the parent index page to be updated as well.

To give a concrete example, when I publish this add-on page, the cache for the Home page and the cache for the Add-ons page will automatically be cached.

By combining this with the Cache Warmer add-on, the cache is automatically regenerated.

Please take a look at the marketplace page, for more information.

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"I've been waiting for this"

Clear the cache for a page that has been edited - what would otherwise have to be done manually can now be executed automatically. I find this very helpful when full cache is enabled and pages need to be edited often.

Okapi on 11/9/18, 5:55 AM