Cache Buster (free)

Ever told a client to 'control+f5' their page? Well, then you know what browser cache can do. It can be pretty annoying if your client or visitors see an outdated version of one of your assets. The website might look different, or even act different.

To overcome this problem, a cache buster can be used. Browsers will be tricked into thinking that they need to reload an asset.

Cache Buster can:

  • Automatically add a timestamp to all CSS / JavaScript assets
  • Include / Exclude certain CSS / JavaScript assets based on file name matching
  • Automatically regenerate the timestamp each time the cache is flushed
  • Automatically regenerate the timestamp if an event is triggered (on_cache_bust)
  • Manually regenerate the timestamp if you click on a button
  • Bust the asset cache via a CLI command (c5:cache-buster)


It requires concrete5 8.3.1 and it's a pretty cool add-on!

Cache Buster settings

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