Centry (free)

Centry is my most advanced integration with concrete5. It lets you connect concrete5 websites with a centralized portal. It is absolutely worth considering if you are an agency or contractor working with concrete5.


Centry has several benefits:

  • It gives a great overview of all your websites
  • It provides powerful filter and search capabilities
  • It allows you to export filtered domains easily
  • It allows you to easily run automated jobs

It is really great, and we recommend you to check it out if you run multiple concrete websites.

Dedicated version

The dedicated version provides more functionality. It consists of an advanced scanning tool that can run scans against all of your websites / pages. For more information about this, please visit https://centry.nl.


Open source

Centry Add-on is open source (MIT). The code is on Github, and I welcome pull requests. 


To run Centry Add-on you need:

  • concrete5 8.0 or higher
  • An account at centry.nl or your own endpoint to store the data
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"Great tool"

From a central portal you can check all of your concrete5 installs for updates,
page approvals and many more. Also you can check the log if any errors have occurred.
All without logging into each website separately.
Both the add-on and the free portal on centry.nl are easy to use and the reports generated are very well readable.
This add-on is created by a very active member of the concrete5 community and he has written many add-ons before.
It's not a surprise that the code of this project looks solid and well written.
If you run many websites, this add-on is a must-have.

WillemAnchor on 10/8/17, 10:49 AM
"Clean code"

It works as expected in 8.2.1. The code is well written and allows for customization. The portal is great, actually. I have some ideas for the portal, mostly UI, which you might find helpful. I'll send you a PM. Thanks for making this a free add-on. Nice work!

Eheino on 10/13/17, 2:14 AM