Forms with Mopinion (free)

This add-on integrates with the (paid) third-party service Mopinion. With Mopinion you can collect online feedback and turn it into useful insights. It's pricey, but does a really good job. I'd recommend using Mopinion on eCommerce and enterprise websites.

Some of the features of Mopinion:

  • Create custom forms or use predefined templates
  • Allow visitors to send screenshots
  • One script for all the different feedback forms
  • Each form can be enabled / disabled based on various conditions, e.g. whether the URL matches, whether a cookie exists, whether an HTML element is visible, etc.
  • It supports embedded forms, modal forms, email feedback forms, slide-in forms, etc.

PS. I have no affiliation with Mopinion, but I do think their software looks really slick. I've contacted their support desk several times and from my experience it's a really professional, nice, and helpful company.

To create, design, and customize the feedback forms, login to the Mopinion website. They use one embed code for all forms.

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