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This add-on will try to help you to make your website comply to the GDPR regulations. It's easy to use and very powerful. The add-on is recommended on all websites that run concrete5 8.2.1+ and that deal with EU citizens.

Some of what it can do:



Hello again, nothing to say. Good job, i found an error with the concrete5 install. The json error with sitemap it's not replicated.

Zuna on 6/14/18, 11:36 PM
"Helps a lot with GDPR comliance!"

This Add-On is very well thought through and offers a lot of help for being GDPR compliant.
It does not "automate" the process, but it helps you understand where and which data can be problematic with personal data of your visitors.
If you are no expert in maintaining personalized data and keeping GDPR compliance, this is really helpful.
Easy and self-explanatory, this will help you in getting there to really meeting the requirements.
Thanks a lot!

Cahueya on 5/23/18, 12:24 PM
"A very helpful tool"

With this add-on you have many different things that have to be considered for the GDPR in one place. Well done!

Tsilbermann on 5/29/18, 2:40 PM
"Helpfull tool"

This plugin cover very well the challenge with GDPR.

Poo on 6/7/18, 2:24 PM

Fantastic addon. with 8.4 i found a problem. With the gpdr addon installed, when you go to sitemap show this error:
SyntaxError: Unexpected token Zuna on 6/13/18, 3:59 PM

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