Image Optimizer (free)

Optimizes your PNG, JPG, SVG, and GIF images in concrete5. As a site owner you try to maximize the performance of your website. Improving performance is not only important for your visitors, but also for search engines.

Popular tools such as PageSpeed suggest to optimize your images for the web. With optimizing it is possible to create smaller files, without noticeable differences. It results in smaller files, making them easier to send over the web. Some of the benefits of using Image Optimizer:

  • Smaller images, up to 75% file size reduction!
  • Better loading times, faster websites
  • Higher Google ranking
  • No more manual optimisation
  • Integration with TinyPNG



To run Image Optimizer you need:

  • concrete5 8.x
  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • Server access to install libraries (optional)
  • A TinyPNG API key (optional)

Still not convinced? Read my blog post about image optimization.

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"A painless way to reduce page loading time"

I honestly think everyone with server sudo access should use this add-on.
I tested the Image Optimizer add-on to see what kind of file savings were possible. It looks like all images will be optimized, at least a modest amount, but poorly optimized JPEG and PNG files are greatly reduced in size.
- A large PNG file with a transparent background was 484KB. After optimizing it was 156KB.
- A medium size JPEG file was 44KB. After optimizing it was 23KB.
The savings will depend on the image and if it is already optimized or semi-optimized.
I can see this add-on being used in combination with the core Image Uploading automatic resize feature. This would address the common problem of users uploading very large, unoptimized images and damaging page load performance.

MrKDilkington on 9/11/17, 12:18 PM
"Great for reducing size for both site-visitors AND Google (PageSpeed Insights)"

Installs fairly easy, although you'd need server access to require some libraries to get this thing going OR a TinyPNG account. Once downloaded, you're up and running in a matter of seconds. Click click and automate the "Job" to optimize your images once every [x] days!
Lot of my clients are still on 5.7.x though, so unfortunately only for those clients updating to 8.x or new projects.
Google will like this Add-On too.

Ramonleenders on 10/24/17, 10:53 AM
"Great addon for site with lots of images"

This plugin works just as stated. Version 2.0 really make this plugin complete with the addition of TinyPNG Compression. Saved over 25MB on client site after compression job was run. Will be looking forward to more plugins from this developer.

Stewblack23 on 4/24/18, 1:46 PM
"300% increase in page speed!"

We've all had the clients who want the largest graphic carousel in the world on their home page, right? Me too. While I talk and talk about page speed, they do not care. Well, since our main focus is SEO, we HAVE to deliver speed.
I installed this plugin, plugged in the tinyPNG API, let it process... and this site went from a 9 (google page speed) to a 31! So, I purchased the HTML Minify product as well. The site is much, much faster and now I am not embarrassed to show it off. GREAT JOB!

Edsaxmoore on 4/30/18, 10:14 PM
"Makes your website fast"

Used this addon to optimize my first community store project. With the integration of tinypng it optimized every product page and I have a faster page load.
The addon has some clever options for optimal processing of all images. Even the cached ones.
Thanks a lot a3020!

Typoman76 on 5/20/18, 6:15 PM
"Helpful Optimizing Tool"

This works great. For websites where customers upload unoptimized images it has a huge effect on page load. Since this is a job that can run periodically you can optimize daily.
Very helpful tool!

Webpresso on 5/25/18, 12:25 PM

quite OK.

67072568252 on 10/13/18, 2:31 PM