Optimize Database Tables (free)

OPTIMIZE TABLE is a MySQL command that reorganizes the physical storage of table data and associated index data, to reduce storage space and improve I/O efficiency when accessing tables.


  • Checks if tables need to be optimized
  • If so, it starts optimizing them one by one
  • It keeps track of how much disk size is gained

When do I need this?

  • When your website is used a lot;
  • If you want to optimize as much as you can;
  • If you want to reduce disk size;
  • If you want to improve performance.

Real life examples

  • On a high traffic website with a database of 180MB (4637 pages), 89MB was gained.
  • On a low traffic website with a database of 20MB (272 pages), 4MB was gained.


  • concrete5 8.0.0+
  • PHP 5.6+
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