Page Report (free)

Get more insight about the Pages on your website. Page Report adds a dashboard page with charts and tables with page related data. This add-on is especially useful for larger websites.

- Chart with number of pages per author
- Chart with created pages over time
- Chart with updated pages over time

Other statistics
- Total number of pages
- Total number of approved pages
- Total number of unapproved pages
- Total number of pages in draft
- Total number of pages in trash
- Total number of page templates
- Total number of page types
- List of page templates and number of associated pages
- List of page types and number of associated pages
- List of unapproved pages

- PHP 5.6 and up
- concrete5 8.0 and up

- English
- Dutch
- German

Additional information
This add-on installs just one thing, a page under Dashboard / Sitemap / PageReport. Nothing else is installed or modified. The add-on only queries the database and presents the data in a meaningful way.

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