Shortcodes (free)

Shortcodes is a concrete5 add-on to create placeholders. Placeholder are replaced when a page is rendered. E.g. "{year}" can be replaced with "2018".


  • If you have a 'year' or date in the footer, and you don't want to update it each year...
  • If you have a constant value you are using in content blocks, html blocks, etc. and you want to manage this value in one place.
  • If you want to use 'dynamic content' in a static field (e.g. a plain text field in your slideshow block).
  • If you use a Content block, but you want to use dynamic data. E.g. from PHP or from a custom script.


  • Supports integration with custom code and or add-ons via an event.
  • Supports PHP snippets, e.g. to echo a date or constant.
  • Replaces the shortcodes in the HTML output, so all blocks are supported.
  • Can keep track of where shortcodes are used.


  • You need concrete5 8.0.0+
  • You need PHP 5.6+
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