Speed Analyzer (free)

Speed Analyzer gathers information about how fast a page is rendered. It's a tool that can be used to answers questions like "Why is my website slow?" or "Why is this page slow"?

- Builds a time line based on when various events in concrete5 are triggered.
- Can build a report for each concrete5 page.
- Reports are displayed as graph and in a table.
- Help section explain what all the events do or how the data can be interpreted.

For whom?
- Developers will quickly get an idea where a bottleneck might be.
- Non-developers could use a screenshot of a report to ask others for help.

- PHP 5.6 and up
- concrete5 8.2.1 and up

Open source
Speed Analyzer is open source (MIT), feel free to contribute via https://github.com/a3020/speed_analyzer.


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