Structured Data Video (free)

Mark up your video content with structured data to make Google Search an entry point for discovering and watching videos. Google may use your markup to power carousels. Video markup enables a badge on the image in mobile image search results, which can encourage more users to click your content. Read more on the Google Developers page.

This add-on uses the recommended JSON-LD format to enrich the output of the built-in 'Video Player' block. Below an example.

If you inspect the code from the video above, you'll see that a JSON section is added to the output. When testing the HTML output, it validates as below:


Also, if you run concrete5 8.5.0 or higher, the add-on will automatically add video information to your sitemap.xml. Check out the sitemap.xml for this website, and search for 'video', to see what I mean!

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"Great Add-On"

This module did EXACTLY what the developer said it would do. It automatically added the schema markup to the videos I had on the site. Great Job!

Edsaxmoore on 10/10/18, 3:04 PM