Open source

There are also a few open source projects you might be interested in:

  • Speed Analyzer - Generates reports and graphs of how fast your pages are built-up. (MIT)
  • Marketplace Sales - A free add-on to keep track of marketplace sales. It provides a handy searchable overview. (MIT)
  • Quick Not Found - A concrete5 8.4.0+ add-on to quickly return a 404-response if a file isn't found. (MIT)
  • Centry - To connect concrete5 with a centralized portal. (MIT)
  • Multi user selector attribute - An attribute that allows you to e.g. connect multiple users to a page. (MIT)
  • Theme Blank - A theme that's completely blank. (MIT)
  • Fake Data - Adds CLI commands to generate fake data for testing purposes. (MIT)
  • Composer Security - Checks if Composer dependencies have vulnerabilities and if so, it sends you an email. (MIT)
  • Integer attribute - As opposed to the Number attribute, this actual saves values as an INTEGER. (MIT)
  • concrete5 ideas - A repository to gather ideas to improve the concrete5 ecosystem.